Heal Your Heart (and Love Yourself & Others Unconditionally)


There are multiple events and experiences which clog up the heart chakra including grief, anger, sadness, loss, fear and trauma. When the heart is closed our lives become unbalanced and all of our relationships will be difficult and lacking warmth. Hurt feelings from your past or present can either be held inside or let go. Holding onto hurt damages the heart with toxic feelings. Letting go seems harder at the time but is actually easier.

The heart chakra is closely aligned to the second or sacral chakra which is the personal relationship centre. An open heart is compassionate, loving and fair; those with an open heart experience rich and rewarding lives. This course will identify the traumas stored in the heart, clear the debris and initiate the flow of energetic forces to keep the heart purified. And then we will heal our hearts with Swallow medicine, the Bird of Freedom.



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